Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yet another writing book

This evening I ordered yet another "how to write" book. Part of me feels guilty at the expense because most of what I read on how to write these days are things I already know. However, from my training as a teacher, I realize that sometimes what we know in our heads and what we do are two different things. So maybe if I continue to read good books on how to write, that will improve my writing.

I'm making my summer reading list, too. Since I'm going to be working on my urban fantasy story/novel, I'm going to go back and read several of the urban fantasies out there that I really like. I'm also going to read some high fantasy books so I can continue to polish my first book. I've figured out how to end it in the middle of its 140,000 morass, thereby making two (approximately) 80,000 novels which tend to be a bit more palatable to most people's first/second book choice. My third bit of reading will be a bit more technical, as learning more about governmental agencies and psychology are current obsessions of mine.

A writer's work is never done. Now if we could just get PAID for never taking vacation...;-)