Saturday, May 14, 2011


I've been spending my nights trying to locate possible agents and getting disheartened when I couldn't find any that accepted unsolicited manuscripts, my genre, or anything more than a query letter.

My first mistake was using only one source: an old Writer's Market book. Reading through the agent section and picking out only the ones that SAID fantasy left me few choices.

I figured out, though, that if I start at the beginning, type in their web address or search for their website, that I get different information. Some are under new management. Some have new agents. Some just have changed what they're looking for. And then I still run into some that think fantasy is a ridiculously hard genre to sell or they hate it. In any case, I have new hope.

I now have about 5 possibilities to send to, and that's going to be my project next week. I'm still saddened that most are query only or query and synopsis, but a couple I can send a few pages of the book, too.

Make the most of what you have!

All they can do is say "no."