Saturday, May 19, 2012

On-Line Resources for Writers

I want to thank everyone who came to the SEMO Writers’ Guild meeting Saturday May 19th. I really enjoyed presenting and talking to everyone.

Following are the links I shared that might be good on-line resources for writers. As I said in my presentation, please do your own research to make sure the you can trust the websites you’re using.  

Some tips on deciding if a website is credible:

§         Ask for references and CHECK THEM OUT

§         Do Internet searches on “review of ‘x website’”

§         Ask the writing community you know

§         Check the Better Business Bureau’s website

§         Don’t do something/buy something if your gut tells you it’s a bad idea. (If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!)

So, here are a few on-line resources for writers:

¡        How to find ideas/trends/what’s already been done

¡        Ideas



¡        Trends/what’s already been done



¡        Read blogs by your favorite authors of the genre in which you wish to be published.

¡        How to use writing/organizing software

If you want “real world” training on Microsoft 2010 programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and web design using SharePoint), the Career and Technology Center is offering one day workshops this summer, and I’ll be teaching them this year. Here’s the link if you want to sign up. “by Instructor” and choose Janet Cannon to see when and what times the classes meet.

¡        Microsoft Office Products (2003, 07, 10)

¡        Microsoft Word training (PPt presentation)

¡        Microsoft One Note training (PPt presentation)

¡        How to write and find our own errors

¡        What’s your focus?


¡        Various articles on writing

¡        Goal/Motivation/Conflict

¡        Grammar help

¡        How to get critiques/feedback

¡        Any genre


¡        List of on-line critique groups

¡        Find people through your writers’ guild and e-mail pieces/meet on occasion.

¡        How to write a query letter, blurbs/back cover copy, synopsis

¡        Query help-

¡        Kristin Nelson’s accepted query letters:

¡        Blurbs/back cover copy (plot catylist)

¡        Synopsis (one sentence from each chapter)

¡        How to pitch your work

¡        Kristin Nelson’s blog:

¡        Pitching advice

¡        How to get an agent

¡        What (not) to look for in an agent

¡        List of/guide to agents


¡        How to get published

¡        List of publishers, wait times, pay scale


¡        Blog that occasionally publishes short fiction

¡        Contests/grants/publishers/agents

¡        Self-publishing websites


¡        How to market yourself/your book

¡        Platforms for self-branding/marketing:




¡        Publishing/marketing tips


¡        How NOT to get scammed

¡        Predators and Editors


¡        Agents with a bad reputation

¡        Writer Beware

If you have any other great resources to share, please leave a comment!