Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer: this changes everything

I recently joked with my writer friends that in a couple of days I'd be done with teaching and be a real writer for a few months. I wasn't really joking. During the school year I am so busy, I rarely have time to do anything in depth when it comes to career building, composing, networking, etc. I think that's why I have a lot of Twitter fiction published August through May: it's all the attention span I can give outside of school.

So as I sit on the cusp of a brand new summer just brimming with writing possibilities, what do I want to do? Play video games, read books, do crossword puzzles, do crafts,... ANYTHING except what I've wanted to do all year. Why?

I think it boils down to fear. As writers, we're laughed at as a profession, rejected by agents, critiqued by our fellow writers, and if we DO get published, our loving audience often rakes us over the coals for some small slight or grammar slip. Who in their right mind chooses to pour their heart out on a page and wait for the vultures to descend?

Those who have stories that demand to be told. Those who have built up a thick skin. Those who sacrifice personal time, TV, and sometimes clean houses just to get that last chapter typed in. We're a little crazy. We're sometimes a little socially awkward. But we're writers.

This summer is gonna be a great year in Cannon publishing history. :-)