Monday, May 6, 2013

Life is revision...or should be

Some people are a little unforgiving when it comes to life revision. When they make a judgement about you, they think you are that way forever. While it is true, I believe, that at the core there are some traits that stick with us all our lives (selfishness, greediness, etc.) I still think we can overcome those. Just because we THINK with those baser thoughts first off doesn't mean we have to ACT that way.

It worries me that so many of our children see adults that never learn this. They act on their first thought, never considering that old adage, "Think before you act." Or as the builders say, "measure twice, cut once." These "reality shows" are changing our perception of what adults should act like. There's a reason I don't have cable or watch much TV. I believe we should be trying to better ourselves. Revising our lives. Not in a deceptive way to try to fool others but in a positive way to become a better person and make the world a better place. Revision in writing is hard. Revision in life is even harder. That doesn't make it any less worthwhile.