Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Announcements and Day Post Change

Lots of info, little time, let's get started.

1. Writers in the Southeast Missouri Area, please consider coming to the All Write NOW! summer conference in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Details can be found at the All Write NOW! Facebook page and also on Donna Essner's blog (the conference chair). We'll have several indie presses taking pitches. (Yes! Your novel could be picked up at this conference!) We'll have sessions on craft and technology. We'll even have door prizes and one lucky winner will automatically win a contract with High Hill Press. It's a bargain for $50 I tell you! July 19th, 2014, folks. Mark your calendars and register soon because we can't take registrations at the door!

2. I won't be posting my normally scheduled blog posts on Wednesdays from this point forward. After doing some research, it seems posting Saturdays will not only provide me with a bigger audience, but an audience more willing to share posts.'ll have to wait for my next article until then.

3. For those interested I've FINALLY finished the first draft of my YA Near Future Urban Fantasy Shadow of Redemption. (roar of the crowd in my head!) I'm going to do a quick revision of the first 50,000 words, send them to my editor, and hope she doesn't send my check back. THAT would be embarrassing!

So, ladies and gents, until Saturday, revise on!


Next main course on Revision is a Dish Best Served Cold: 
Quizzle Me This: Defining You in Five Questions. Really?

On the menu for the future: an interview with Margot Dill (Editor 911) about her new book 
Caught Between Two Curses 
and Why is Revising so hard?

Also look for my articles on Walrus Publishing’s website. 

Like Ghost Stories? I’m published in Rocking Horse Publishing’s Spirits of St. Louis: Missouri Ghost Stories. Check it out!