Saturday, November 30, 2013

Life is a Trail Race Everyone Says "Don't Run!"

Yesterday I was delirious with fever. I was posting to Facebook ridiculous things all day. Now, I know, I post ridiculous things all the time, but these were ridiculous even for ME! As in out of my MIND ridiculous. I had a fever, I couldn't concentrate, I was supposed to be at my family's Thanksgiving celebration but couldn't for fear of infecting those with impaired immune systems. We have several people in that state at the moment. I was also supposed to be working on two newsletters and/or my novels. But what was I doing all day? Posting ridiculous posts on FB that made little to no sense because my brain wasn't firing on all thrusters. Funny, but sad. And unproductive.

So this morning I decide I feel good enough to go run a race I'd signed up for months ago. Not just a race, mind you, but a trail race. The difference between a road race and a trail race is the difference between Six Flags and Jurassic Park. Well, maybe not quite that stark, but seriously, trail runs are a whole different bird. (Haha! Bird. Turkey. Sorry.) The terrain doesn't give you the rebound on your shoes that the road does so you have to push harder with your legs to move faster. You have to focus on watching for roots, holes, stumps, wildlife, mud, rocks, etc. while speeding up and slowing down to adjust for the ruts and slants and hills and valleys of the terrain. Not to mention the random tree branch IN YOUR FACE! It's a lot of fun but a lot more tiring than just pounding the pavement for the same amount of distance.

None of my family wanted me to do it, for obvious reasonable reasons. I was too sick. I needed rest. It was too hard. It was pushing myself too far. I should be a good girl and stay home because I could make myself worse.

I went anyway, had a great time, and feel better. I didn't win anything, but, hey, I run like a turtle on pavement. What did I expect running on mud?

What's the lesson?

Just because someone tells you that you shouldn't do something for your own good doesn't mean they're right. Now, don't go using my blog as research to argue with your mothers and fathers because they're giving you GOOD advice you dont want to follow. I'm an adult and I made an adult decision. I WAS feeling better and I DIDN'T push myself beyond my limits on the race. But sometimes--sometimes--you have to listen to that voice inside you that says, "I can do this!" despite all the negative voices around you.

I watched this video and felt guilty on many levels for not being as successful as I could be because I haven't fully embraced my potential. I haven't let go of the safety nets and taken a dive into my passion. I'm not ready, yet. But every time I watch it, I'm convinced this guy is onto something:

So consider: are you letting the negative voices around you keep you from your passion? Are the negative voices from yourself or from others? Is it time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new? You know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I guess that means I'm not insane, then, because I keep posting different craziness on Facebook, even when I'm delirious with a fever.