Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Breaking Radio Silence

Let's see. In the last two weeks, I started teaching three night classes in addition to my full-time job, agreed to take point on a sci/fi anthology, went to St. Louis on a mini-vacation with the husband, injured my ankle on what was supposed to be a 19 mile run (I was a good girl and quit at six), received a broken trophy in the mail, and got a pink tutu (thanks, Aunt Linda!). Highs, lows, and so much in between I can barely breathe.

Studies show a moderate amount of stress is actually can improve job performance. Adrenaline pushes you to work faster and more efficiently. However, cross that line of too much stress and you run the risk of hurting not only your mental and physical health, but your reputation as well! If you take on so much that you can't give 100% to each job, you've said yes to too much.

That's your #1 weakness, Cannon: being able to do so many different things and wanting to keep everyone happy. Well, sorry, old woman, but you're not getting any younger. You can do a lot, but when you start missing appointments and showing up late because you've booked yourself back-to-back with too many meetings, it's time for an intervention. So your blog persona has decided to publicly out you. Quit making promises you can't keep. Quit taking on new projects without finishing the old ones. You're better than this. You need to MAKE time for the important things in your life like your husband and your family. When was the last time you had fun with a group of friends? Yeah, I know. You have to tough it out through the next few months of craziness because you signed your life away on those teaching contracts. You have to keep the promises you've made as best you can. But next semester, girlie girl, if you don't start saying, "no," I'm really gonna get raw in this here public forum and ain't nobody gonna not stop and waggle their finger at you for being thickheaded for a second go-round.

(Don't you hate it when your characters out of control? Yikes! So, I guess the takeaway is balance, Daniel-San, and don't anger the inner warrior. They get snippy on lack of sleep.)