Sunday, August 28, 2011


Feeling very unwriterish these days. Work is going well, but is stressful. It's hard to come home and work up enough energy to write something worthwhile. I've been keeping up with my journal, though, so as my September 1st deadline approaches, I aim to use those ideas with a vengeance.

A few days ago I wrote goals in my runner's blog for my race the next day. That seemed to help me during the run. So here are my writing goals for this week:

1. Get caught up on my contest entries in my gmail account. Won't take but 15-20 minutes. DONE!

2. Send out at least 5 more entries for August. Need to get going on that! This will include my piece for the writers' guild anthology.

3. Write at least 2 more pieces. They can be small ones.

4. Edit at least 1 previous piece.

My dirty dishes call. I ignore their cries of agony and continue to type. Let them suffer their rotten, smelly deaths. Reality has no claim on my sanity at the moment. (Wow. I think I need some sleep!)